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Grill marks look good, but the best steak you’ll ever cook may come from the frying pan.

1 lb strip, rib eye, or porterhouse steak
Peanut or veg oil (avoid olive oil; it has a lower smoking point,causing a burned flavor)
3 tbsp butter,cut into chunks
2 cloves garlic,crushed and peeled(optional)
salt and pepper



1. Salt and pepper the meat. Then set it on wire rack and place it uncovered in the fridge. Ideally, do this 12 hours before cooking, so the salt is absorbed, locking in the internal juices. But even an hour will help.
2. Take it out of the fridge.. Let the meat sit out for an hour, so it comes to room temperature. This ensures that the outer areas dont overcook while you’re waiting for the interior to heat up.




3.Sear Each side Quickly..Seat a heavy pan (cast iron is preferable) over high heat for five minutes. Coat it with oil, then lay the steak in the pan and cook for one minute. Flip the steak- it should be light golden- and sear the other side for 1 minute. A little smoke is unavoidable, but using a splatter scree will reduce most of the mess.
4. Flip it every 30 seconds- this develops a deep-brow crust and lets the steak cook through evenly.
5. Baste it in butter— When the steak is nearly done-about 5 minutes for medium rare- add the butter, garlic,and thyme. Tilt the pan and continuously spoon the butter on top of the steak for a minute or two, until the the butter browns.
6. Let it rest before serving- Cutting the steak top soon will cause the juices toleak oput. Let it sit for five minutes, then serve with the butter drippings.


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