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2 pounds ground pork
1 pound finely chopped pork fatback
2 tbsp annatto powder dissolved in 1 tbsp oil
2 tbsp apple cider
2 tbsp rice vinegar
5 cloves garlic,finely chopped
1 tbsp salt
1 tsp freshly ground black pepper
1  tsp paprika
pork casing
2 tbsp banana sauce

pork fatback

pork casing

1. Combine all the ingredients except pork casing in a large bowl.Mix very well,using your clean hands to incorporate all the ingredients.Cover and refrigerate for few hours.

Note- Fry a small portion of the mixture and taste it,reseasoning if necessary.

2. Soak the sausage casing in a bowl filled with warm water for 30 minutes,then
put one end of the casing over the end of your kitchen faucet and wash the inside with warm water and soak for 30 minutes again.

To stuff the sausage .Fill the decorating bag with the meat mixture and fill the casing until u have used all the meat.Tie the sausage twice every 3 inches with kitchen twine.Prick with a pin to remove the bubbles.

To cook.. Place the sausage links in a large skillet and add water.Place over medium-high heat and cook, turning the sausages, until the water is evaporated. about 5 minutes.Add about 2 tbsp oil and continue frying until nicely browned,about 3 minutes on each side.

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  1. Hi, when you said apple cider in the recipe is it apple cider vinegar or apple cider juice?

    Thank you.

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